Cheap and easy rubber grip for the Apple Pencil

So my Apple Pencil is all tethered up – cap secured and charging dongle thingy at the ready – now onto a rubber grip.  Am I going to pay for one?  Certainly not.  I have no idea how much one costs but I’m still going to bodge my own.

A tethered and gripped up Apple Pencil
A tethered and gripped up Apple Pencil

Rubber bands were the key when I created a tether for the cap and dongle so they shall be again.

In addition to a rubber band you’ll need some super glue and a paper clip (opened out). Oh and an Apple Pencil – but that was obvious right?

  1. Cut two or three rubber bands so they open out. 
  2. Have some super glue and an extended paper clip on hand. (Super glue does a fantastic job on rubber, I’m thinking that’s because rubber is a natural polymer … ?  But anyway I digress.)
  3. When you get to the gluing know that you will only need tiny dabs of glue.  I would advise inserting a strip of grease proof paper between rubber band and pencil for gluing also – just to be sure you don’t get glue on your shiny precision engineered stylus, which by the way is really easy to do so take my advice.
    Rubber band coiled over greaseproof paper
  4. Gently wrap one rubber band around the pencil so that the coils touch. 
  5. Pinch the coils to stop them unravelling and simultaneously apply a small amount of glue to the tip of the paper clip.
    Apply only small amounts of glue to the paper clip
  6. Dab the glue onto the rubber band where the cut end is beside the coil. Do this in a few places to ensure the end of the band is firmly glued in place.
  7. Dab some glue on other adjacent coils in several places to add some structural integrity.  Make sure you only apply glue where the greaseproof paper is below.  If your strip of paper is narrow you should be able to slide it around so that you can glue elsewhere.
    Apply glue to several places where ends of bands join
  8. Now that you have one band fixed in place time to add another.  Get your next band and place the end as neatly next to the end of the first band as possible. Might be a good idea to recut the end to match the angle of the first if necessary.
  9. Then glue the end into place trying to keep it from jutting out too much.
  10. Repeat above steps to glue adjacent coils and add a third band if you want a longer grip. Heck you could add four or five if you so desire.

I hope that if you have an Apple Pencil this proves useful.  If you’d like further elaboration or pictures of any steps then please let me know in the comments here or on Google Plus or Tweet me.

bodged rubber grip for Apple Pencil
Hey presto – one rubber grip for your Apple Pencil