Lock Screen Animations

These cool animations will jazz up your iPhone Lock Screen!

These fun and high quality animations are based on themes ranging from flags, festive events to aspects of science.  They are made in the proprietary technology of Live Photos and so only work as an animated lock screen for 3D Touch iPhones (i.e. iPhone 6S, 7, 8, and X and plus size equivalents).

Below you can see GIF previews of lock screen animations that are available for purchase, click on a thumbnail to see a description and the reference number for the live wallpaper.  There is also a video preview of a selection of the animations.  At the bottom of the page are full instructions on how to make a purchase. Email me for a free lock screen animation: snow drift (short) – danwilsonav@gmail.com.

GIF Previews

Video Preview

How to Place an Order

Live Wallpapers are available at a cost of £3 for five wallpapers.  Live Wallpapers cannot be uploaded and downloaded from websites, they can only be shared via iMessage.  Ordinary e-commerce solutions do not work, please follow the instructions below to purchase your choice of live wallpapers.

To buy five wallpapers of your choice first choose which ones you’d like from the video preview and GIF previews above (the GIF previews show the names and reference numbers – e.g. gen-lw-0001-unionjackf or aphq-lw-0001-stmodel).  Make a note of the reference numbers for the five lock screen animations you want to buy.

Then complete a payment via PayPal at my physics website (payment options are not available on this blog currently).  Copy the receipt number for the PayPal order.  Complete the order form below including the reference numbers of the wallpapers you want and the PayPal receipt number you copied.

Your choice of live wallpapers will be sent to you via iMessage.  All purchases are covered by PayPal’s stringent consumer protections.

Make your purchase via the PayPal button at my physics website (A-Level Physics HQ) and then copy the receipt number into the order form.

I appreciate the unusual nature of this purchase method, if you have any questions please email me at danwilsonav@gmail.com.  If you’d rather do everything on one web-page you can use the PayPal button and complete the order form on the page at A-Level Physics HQ (the reference numbers are valid on that order form also).

Order Form


Five live photos are offered for purchase at a cost of 3.00 GBP.  Upon receipt of a payment via PayPal and a completed order form (from nadnosliw.wordpress.com or physicshq.wixsite.com) the five live photos specified in the order form will be sent via the supplied iMessage contact details.  The purchaser will have a period of 7 days from the purchase date (according to PayPal receipt) to request a refund or to exchange one of the live photos for a different live photo.

Purchasers are not given the right to distribute or resell the live photos.


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