Ringtones from sound effects of the Original Metal Gear Solid

About a week ago I was keen to try out a new message ringtone on my phone. I did a quick web search and came across a recommendation for the Alert! sound effect from the original Metal Gear Solid (Playstation game from 1998). Hearing it on my phone was pure nostalgia and prompted me to delve deeper – forcing me down a nostalgic rabbit hole. I rediscovered many other familiar sound effects from the game. From those I created a collection of MGS ringtones for my phone, iPad and Mac.

This short video shows all the tones I created with the context in which I use them for three of the tones.

If you’re a fan of the game and want the ringtones on your phone you can download them here. If you don’t have an iPhone you may need to convert the files to a different format.

What’s your favourite ringtone?  Share in the comments below or on Twitter.


Jazz Up Your iPhone Lock Screen

You can now buy a cool animation for your iPhone* Lock Screen right here on this blog: https://wp.me/P4d3tP-hj

The first 50 people to use this promo code⁺ (FIRST-50-FREE-N) will get one Live Wallpaper of their choice for FREE.  To get your free animation go to the page (above) and fill out the order form for one Live Wallpaper, insert the promo code instead of the PayPal receipt number.

A small selection of animations are shown below. See them all on the purchase page above.


Premier League Tables 2013-2017
Rotating Globe 1
Rotating Globe 1
Popping Dots - Ripples
Popping Dots – Ripples

* These animations only work on 3D Touch enabled iPhones.  Animations are activated by 3D Touching the Lock Screen.

⁺ Valid until 20 July 2018

Cool Live Wallpapers for iPhones

A couple of months ago I designed some Live Wallpapers with science themes.  Friends enjoyed the concept of the animated lock screens but not everyone understood the content.  So It occurred to me that perhaps some new animations with a non-science theme would go down well with a broader audience.

Since then I’ve designed several new animated wallpapers for iPhone Lock Screens.  You can see a preview of them in the video below.  If these do appeal to you complete my short survey to receive a Live Wallpaper for free – I want to know if there is a market for these!

snow drift (short) GIF
Snow Drift (short) Live Wallpaper
(Low Res GIF )