Ringtones from sound effects of the Original Metal Gear Solid

About a week ago I was keen to try out a new message ringtone on my phone. I did a quick web search and came across a recommendation for the Alert! sound effect from the original Metal Gear Solid (Playstation game from 1998). Hearing it on my phone was pure nostalgia and prompted me to delve deeper – forcing me down a nostalgic rabbit hole. I rediscovered many other familiar sound effects from the game. From those I created a collection of MGS ringtones for my phone, iPad and Mac.

This short video shows all the tones I created with the context in which I use them for three of the tones.

If you’re a fan of the game and want the ringtones on your phone you can download them here. If you don’t have an iPhone you may need to convert the files to a different format.

What’s your favourite ringtone?  Share in the comments below or on Twitter.


Update for Google Sheets brings Macros and Checkboxes (not fully rolled out yet)

Google announced an update for Google Sheets on 11 April.  The new features look very exciting with macros being the headline feature.  Macros enable you to record a series of edits to a Google Sheet that you will repeat and then save them in a menu to replay anytime to automate that series of actions.  It even generates a script that you can edit without having to re-record the macro.  This will eliminate a significant amount of tedium for big users of Sheets.  Click the link above to read Google’s update about this and to watch their demo.  Currently this is available on G Suite accounts but not regular Google Drive accounts.

Whilst macros were the headline feature, the one I am most excited about is checkboxes.  Checkboxes are a significant reason that I still use Apple’s Numbers for some of my spreadsheets.  Being able to tick items off in a spreadsheet is, in my opinion, a much more efficient user experience than having to use a drop down menu.  I am excited about this but as of yet the feature hasn’t rolled out to users as far as I can see – I can’t access them in my regular Google Drive account nor in my G Suite account.  Fingers crossed that it comes soon and is a solid implementation.

What are your thoughts about this update?  Do you make/use a lot of spreadsheets?  Will these and the other new features tempt you away from Excel and/or Numbers to Google Sheets?  Share your thoughts in the comments here, Google Plus or Twitter.

High Sierra now updated to version 13.1

Perhaps you’ve been delaying upgrading to High Sierra until some bugs are worked out. Or maybe, like me, waiting until APFS has got some real world mileage before jumping in. I was waiting particularly on the advice of Bombich Software who pointed out the real lack of knowledge and documentation about APFS.  Their advice was to wait until 13.1 was released. 

13.1 has now been released so I am going for it (with a couple of backups at the ready to be on the safe side).