It is time to republish your books with iBooks Author 2.2

The unrelenting drive forward continues and iBooks is about to be hit by it.  Soon any books published on a version of iBooks Author prior to version 2.2 will not meet iBooks requirements.  So if you have existing publications make sure that you update iBooks Author to version 2.2 and republish them.  You don’t have to do anything other than open your existing .iba files in the new version of iBooks Author and then publish the book.  Submit the new .ibook file via iTunes Producer and you should be good to go.


Any submissions for Multi-Touch books to iBooks on or after 1 January 2015 must have been published with iBA 2.2 or later. Existing publications will still be available even if published with an earlier version of iBA.


iBooks Author is back in the game

When Yosemite was released Apple also released an update for iBooks Author. The bug with opening documents made in previous versions of OSX has been squashed. Authors hoping to edit and update older multi touch iBooks can continue to do so.

iBA is still awaiting an update to its UI to bring it inline with the iWork apps. But a functioning app is of far greater value than a beautiful and useless app.

Hope you authors are happy with that result! But maybe you were banking on a delay between the releases of Yosemite and the iBA update so you could have a holiday?

IBooks Author & Yosemite

Update : iBooks Author was updated at the release of Yosemite, see this post.

Apple have disappointed a number of people by releasing Yosemite after iOS 8. You have to say that given the promised deep integration between iOS and Yosemite releasing one without the other is a strange decision.  I hope that Apple don’t make another mistake in October when they are expected to release Yosemite to the public.

In the suite of iWork apps, which I greatly enjoy working with, iBooks Author stands alone as the overlooked by Apple productivity app.  It didn’t receive the updated UI and features of Pages, Numbers and Keynote around the time of the release of Mavericks.  It now looks pretty old, though it is still functional (some might say more functional than the others).  Well if the Yosemite release goes ahead in October and iBA is not updated by that time iBook authors will be prevented from continuing their work as the app cannot open .iba files created on earlier OS’s (it can create new files). This has hampered my work flow recently.

I hope that Apple can get that fixed with an update and not upset a whole bunch more users. Additionally it will be interesting to see what Apple have to offer by way of a refresh for iBA. As long as there is no loss of functionality users should be happy.

Would this problem with iBooks Author on Yosemite be problematic for you?