Are You Planning to See the Total Eclipse of 2017?

On 21 August 2017 a Total Eclipse will travel across the USA from West Coast to East – right across!

The eclipse will hit the West Coast just after 10:15 AM PDT, it will then reach the East Coast about 90 minutes later at just gone 2:45 pm EDT.

A great website with loads of information about the eclipse can be found here: Great American Eclipse.  They’ve got maps covering a wide range of eclipse information, videos, eclipse viewing glasses for sale, and lots of information about viewing the eclipse.  The maps available on Great American Eclipse are fantastically detailed – make sure you download the high resolution computer wallpaper.  If you are able to make it to view the eclipse you will certainly find their resources very helpful.

If you are interested in seeing the path overlaid on Google Maps I have added it and you can access it with this link:  Also embedded below.  Now you will be able to navigate there and confirm you are indeed in the path of the oncoming eclipse right in your Google Maps app.*

I really hope I can make it out to the States to see this, what about you?


*Please note that there will undoubtedly be some inaccuracies in the data displayed on my overlay of the map.  So to be certain of being right in the path of the eclipse it would be advisable to move a reasonable distance inside the path and not stay on the very edges as denoted by the black lines.


One thought on “Are You Planning to See the Total Eclipse of 2017?

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