Apple, please don’t shave <0.5 mm off of the next iPhone / MacBook

Apple need a significant change in their design philosophy of “thinness”.

Apple, stop making thin devices “thinner”.  Apple seems to think that it can’t sell new iPhones or laptops unless they are thinner than their predecessor. This has taken on a ridiculous manifestation now. Supreme effort is put into shaving tenths of a millimetre off of already thin devices. Practically the differences make very little difference to most people, but they are championed at Keynotes as a key selling point.

In order to achieve these reductions Apple goes to extraordinary lengths to make more room for the battery in a thinner chassis so that they can (apparently) maintain battery life. This is the other side of the fallacious coin. If you ask most people using an iPhone or MacBook they won’t tell you they hope for the same battery life – they want a longer battery life!

So rather than attempt to shave 0.2 mm off the next device I hope Apple will instead go to extraordinary lengths to make more room available for a bigger battery in a device of the same thickness.


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