Features that Evernote mobile apps need

  1. A dark mode would be helpful on all Evernote apps, but mobile in particular.The mobile apps could do with the option to print (or export) notes to PDF.
  2. Scan to PDF for mobile apps.  Scannable is an excellent app from Evernote which offers image and PDF export options for scans.  Scannable surely shows that this can happen!  Recent iterations of the Evernote mobile apps have included things that first appeared in Scannable.  Here’s to hoping for the ability to create PDFs with my scans!
  3. End to end or client side encryption.  Fully encrypted services are becoming more widely available and popular (Telegram Messenger, Whatsapp, and Tresorit to name a few).  Evernote following suite here would make my day!
  4. The iOS text formatting pop up menu needs fixing (and it’s needed fixing for about two years).  Whenever I want to copy and paste text in notes it is far more fiddly than it should be!  The menu is meant to appear when you tap to place the cursor somewhere.  But in Evernote the menu disappears immediately before you can actually use it.  Currently the best work-around is to select somewhere and then scroll the screen which then brings the menu back up, but this is awkward.  I hope Evernote fixes the root problem ASAP.
    A related point is that Evernote’s custom pop over menus for list items and text formatting on iPhone need fixing – they should disappear when they’re open and you tap the button again.
  5. The ability to airdrop note files (.enex files), not just a link to the note.
    1. You can appreciate how useful this would be.  It would be considerably faster than generating a note link and then directing someone to a webpage to read it.  Also what’s the point of encouraging my family and friends to use Evernote if Evernote themselves only share a webpage with co-users?  Yes I know there is Work Chat but two issues:
      (i) As far as I can tell Work Chat doesn’t actually send a note file to another user.  So if you want to collaborate with someone, all well and good.  If you want them to have a standalone copy of the note, no good.
      (ii) You still need to use the cloud to share a note with Work Chat, so what if you can’t access the cloud?  Onto my next point…
    2. This would be perfect for the (few) cases in which I’ve had notes that won’t sync up to the cloud because they’re too large and were created on an old device.  But it would also be extremely useful for cases in which you’re offline and therefore unable to sync a note to the cloud.
  6. Do checklists well.
    1. Firstly, checkboxes in Evernote iOS can be really difficult to work with.  Selecting text to the right of a checkbox in order to overwrite it can be a real pain and often results in overwriting the checkbox (even though it wasn’t selected) which additionally results in typing something like font size 6 text.  Whatever the heck is going on there it needs fixing.
    2. Secondly, I don’t know about you but I make better use of features that are visually appealing.  Right now Evernote’s checkboxes in iOS look like they really don’t belong there.  Take a look at Apple’s implementation in the Notes app for iOS 9 – they are good looking checklists!  Some work along these lines has been done with Evernote’s Mac app, perhaps it can be extended to the mobile apps?
  7. A nice feature to have would be font size options but I don’t regard it as important as the features above.