Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015

Daniel Wilson

A total solar eclipse is due to occur on Friday 20 March 2015 over much of the Northern Hemisphere – are you ready for it?

Total solar eclipses* are very rare astronomical events so the opportunity to view one shouldn’t be passed up too quickly – the next major solar eclipse in the UK is due to happen in 2090!  This eclipse is also special because the path of the total eclipse will end at the North Pole on the spring equinox.  That is not due to happen again for thousands of years.  The shadow of this total eclipse (i.e. the umbra) will cross the Faroe Islands and Svalbard.

The UK will experience a partial eclipse ranging from about 86% coverage in the south to about 98% in northern Scotland.  If the weather is clear we should observe the Sun’s light be reduced by the same amount as if a very thick cloud…

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