Telegram Messenger

Telegram is a relatively new messaging app, but definitely up and coming.  Its features have rightly attracted a lot of positive attention: open source, free, no ads, ultra secure, global array of servers, unlimited file sharing, and cross platform presence.

Its number one attraction is its rock solid commitment to privacy, especially in the wake of a number of high profile privacy related issues.  So if you think your message should be private then Telegram is the app for you!
WhatsApp is almost certainly its biggest “competition”.  I put it like that because Telegram’s business model is not so much about obtaining market share, but rather giving people a decent alternative.  As they say themselves, Telegram is free now, they want to keep it free forever and never advertise.  Despite being bought by Facebook for a lot of money for WhatsApp the company is still adamant that it will not use its customers data to track them or sell to advertisers.  WhatsApp’s recent announcement of end-to-end encryption is also a welcome one, but I really like the fact that Telegram started already offering this.
The user interface for Telegram is clean and easy to use.  Anyone moving from another messaging app will be up to speed in no time.  The provision of native apps for desktop OS’s are a welcome addition.  The Mac app is equally well designed.  So it is nearly competing with Viber here, but Viber’s edge is that it offers voice calling too.  Secret Chats in Telegram are extremely difficult to hack, and can use a self destruct timer.  No messages are stored in the cloud – Telegram themselves do not have access to your data.
Having used Telegram for a few days now I have found it to be lightning fast – thanks to its server network that is distributed across the globe.  Telegram is definitely my top app at present – as my friends and colleagues will tell you!
These features win it for me:
  1. Encryption
  2. Smartphone and Desktop apps
  3. Speed
  4. No limits on file size for sharing
What are your thoughts about messaging apps and what Telegram brings to the table?

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