This university student saved £100,000 by building his own DIY microscope

A great example of initiative to change the rules on pricey equipment! This guy hacked together a microscope and saved himself just under £100,000!


(Picture: Adam Lynch) Adam’s DIY microscope (Picture: Adam Lynch)

When this university student realised he would have to find £100,000 to buy a microscope – he didn’t panic.

The huge expenditure could easily have brought Adam Lynch’s hopes of a biology PhD from Brunel University, London, to a crashing end.

Instead, when confronted with a possible £100,000 bill, the student, who is examining the effect of pollution on snail parasites, decided to look for a cheap alternative.

He eventually found he could ‘hack’ a cheap digital microscope by turning it upside down.

A bit like this (microscope available to buy for £27.99 here):

(Picture: eBay) (Picture: eBay)

From there he did a little fiddling around with the lighting and asked a computer programmer to write a little extra coding for his computer.

Digital ‘USB’ microscopes can be bought for as little as £13.29 on eBay and are often used by hobbyists to look at leaves.

A PhD student from Brunel University London has saved himself   100,000 by 'hacking' his own kit. Adam Lynch created his own inverted microscope by adapting a cheap instrument he bought online Adam Lynch…

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