Inbox: A new approach to email

Google have announced more than a revamped Gmail app, a restructured approach to email. Inbox brings a personal assistant, Google Now, right into the email infrastructure.

Inbox - iPhone               Inbox -Android

Google have also incorporated snoozes into the app.  I’ve found snoozes to be incredibly useful with Mailbox.  Google also has an inherent advantage of being an email provider with Gmail.  That means they can access Gmail data directly and fully, which means they can use that data in ways other email clients are unable to.  I would say that I am pretty good at staying on top of my inbox but I wonder if this novel approach could aid me further?

Anyone interested in using the new app has to request an invitation, the aim here being good marketing rather than needing a steady roll out!  The app is available for iPhone, Android smartphones and Chrome.  Note that it is not compatible with Google Apps domains.

So although I’m not a big user of Google Now, the inclusion of snoozes and this new approach have kindled my interest, invite requested!  Are you interested in trialling this new app?  If so, send an email to


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