No YouTube account but still want notifications for new uploads on a Channel? Then read on…

If you are in a position where you can’t subscribe to a YouTube Channel but would like to be notified whenever a channel uploads a new video I have a solution for you.  Most people have a Google account is small but even soit may not be set up with YouTube to enable subscriptions to channels. If you own a channel you might also want to offer a way for getting notified when you upload a new video without them having to subscribe to the channel if they are unable to do so.
Each Channel has an RSS feed associated with new uploads.  That can be used with an RSS reader or service like IFTTT or Zapier to receive notifications.  This is the RSS feed for my YouTube Channel:
The part that needs to be changed to make the feed work for other channels is lscphysics.  Just so you know where to find the channel name to replace it with the address for my channel is, or  You might have to do a little bit of hunting around on YouTube to find the tidy channel name in the address.  There will likely be a long line of other characters after the channel name.
A set up that I have used with this RSS is to add it to my broadcast channel.  That way subscribers to the channel (subscriptions can be done with an account or by email) can receive push notifications / emails for new videos in addition to other broadcasts I send out.
If you use Boxcar or Pushbullet here are a couple of IFTTT recipes that hook into the RSS feed and will push out notifications whenever there is an upload.

IFTTT Recipe: Get notified when a YouTube channel uploads a new video connects feed to boxcar-2

Pushbullet recipe

For some reason the embed code for the Pushbullet recipe didn’t want to work.


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