Apple please make a decent productivity announcement tomorrow!

Being the big fan of iWork that I am I’m hoping for one announcement in particular that will help keep iWork in the game. I think that there will at least be one (semi) iWork update announced as iBooks Author is at least one year overdue an visual update to bring it inline with Pages etc and now the Yosemite visual refresh.

As we know document creation is increasingly collaborative and many apps are being designed to specifically handle collaboration. In my opinion the gold standard is Google Drive, which goes so far as to enable real time collaboration.

There is a draw back with Drive though which is that it is predominantly Web browser based. There are mobile apps but they are limited in what they can do. This is where Apple have an advantage – the iWork iOS apps are well made and powerful. They also have well a established suit of native desktop apps.

Last year we saw the introduction of iWork in the Web browser. That was certainly a step in the right direction. Sadly owners of iWork apps missed out on the opportunity to truly collaborate from within those apps! The greatness of the apps is severely diminished if an important function can only be performed from a Web browser. And that is what must be done when editing a document sent to you from someone else. This fact is reinforced by the way that iOS iWork apps handle documents. The documents live inside the app; they aren’t meant to be edited outside of the app.

My hope for tomorrow is a long shot but hey! I’d like to imagine that Apple will announce in app collaboration. Perhaps to be more realistic this should instead be a longer term desire, what do you think?


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