Throwing down the gauntlet for big publishers on the iBook store

If you take a look on the iBook store you will find a lot of books about physics but you won’t find many about A-level physics specifically.  Now take a closer look, out of those that are available how many (even of the general physics books) are designed to take advantage of the media rich and interactive features of the iBooks app?  Very few.

Most of the books available are electronic versions of physical books.  That’s good but it is interesting to see that few authors have taken the opportunity to produce more interactive versions.  My iBooks have been available on the store for several months now.  I have one book for AS physics and one for A2 physics, both are designed specifically as iBooks and include a range of interactive content.

Handbook for A2 physics cover    AS Physics Handbook Cover Art

Pricing is interesting to compare too.  The books available for A-level, which aren’t designed with interactive content, are sold per assessed unit at £8 each.  So for a full year’s worth of units a student would need to spend £16 on them and the practical skills unit is not covered.  Whereas my books are £6 and cover each of the three assessed units in the AS and A2 years respectively.

My books shape up as pretty good value.  Here’s a list of the unique features they have:
1. A built in glossary of physics definitions that can be turned into study cards immediately.
The glossary is also interlinked to enable students to quickly jump to related definitions.
2. Video animations of some concepts.
3. Hyperlinks between connected content, for example jump to a relevant graph or experiment diagram from the written content.
4. Pop overs for additional information.  They are also used in the Physics 140 sections, my unique set of short topic summaries.
5. Interactive diagrams for graphs and practical aspects of physics.
6. Interactive review questions.

Whilst they are designed for the OCR specification they are obviously useful for the specifications of other exam boards.