iOS 8 Released Now

iOS 8 has been available for download for 35 minutes now.  It seems that Apple’s servers are already struggling to cope with demand as the download is taking some time (on a 70 mbps download connection) ~ 1 hour according to the Settings app.

Last year at the release of iOS 7 a number of people were disappointed by the new looking iOS and wanted to go back to iOS 6.  Really they should have investigated what they were being offered before actually downloading.  Officially there is no way back.  However, it was possible to download the previous iOS version during the transition to iOS 7.  The reason why it was possible then and not afterwards is because in order to install a version of iOS the device needs to verify the version with Apple’s servers.  During the iOS 6–iOS 7 transition both could be verified.  This time around the aesthetics will not change much, but some users may find they preferred iOS 7.  Perhaps iOS 8 will significantly affect performance on older devices for example.  In that case it may be possible, unless Apple have changed the verification process this time around, to go back to iOS 7.

How are you finding iOS 8 if you have it already?