The most awesome use of Google Sheets for students

I’m really pleased to announce the arrival of the best gradebook for BTEC you have ever seen!

BTEC Gradebook - Progress Monitor

Track student progress like never before with intelligent summaries of portfolio progress, insightful graphs covering all aspects of individual and group progress, real time teacher collaboration and time-saving group management tools.

Each class has its own gradebook and one management spreadsheet can manage data for up to six groups. The gradebooks allow for easy data input by teachers and yet give the most detailed information per student in an easy to understand Progress Monitor. This level of data manipulation hasn’t been seen in a Gradebook for BTEC students until now.

The system is built on Google Sheets which allows for real time collaboration in the Gradebooks, i.e. teachers don’t have to wait for another teacher to finish editing before they can enter marks. There is also no need for a shared network location (along with the problems when a linked document is moved) as this Gradebook lives in the cloud. Linked documents are always accessible (with an internet connection) no matter how you arrange the file directory.

The system is operational now but there are a couple more features still to be released before I define it as fully operational: customisation for calculating the fallback grades and a student view.

A live preview of a Gradebook and Management sheet are available on my website. I’m planning to sell the Gradebook if there is interest in it but I haven’t decided exactly how to go about that yet.

BTEC Gradebook - Unit View