Mailbox public beta for Mac has begun

Mailbox is a superb email client for iOS and Android and today the much anticipated OS X version went into public beta.

I have tried many email apps on iOS but Mailbox is the one that I have stuck with.  The app won me over with an excellent implementation of swipes, which make it supremely easy to archive / delete / file emails, and its snooze feature.  To begin with I was extremely skeptical of the idea of snoozing emails but as time progressed they became so obvious.  Emails arrive in my inbox not at a time which is convenient for me to deal with them but at a time convenient for the sender.  Snoozing the email to a convenient time for me to handle it just makes sense!

Another great feature of Mailbox on iOS is its Dropbox integration.  The integration allows users to attach files to emails from their Dropbox directories.  In order to send a file as an attachment on an iPhone ordinarily users have to send them one at a time from the app that can handle the files.  Mailbox allows multiple attachments.  Some other clients offer similar integrations but often they include just a link to the file in the email.  

Given my keenness for the iOS app I have been anticipating the OS X version for a long time.  I am glad to see the beta arrive and am now waiting on the “betacoin” needed to open the app,

Interested in the beta?  If so head over to and download / sign up yourself.